Catalina Channel Swimming Federation

Voting Membership

Voting Membership  ( CCSF By-Laws: Article III )

Qualifications for Voting Membership:

1.  The Voting Members will be selected from the Lifetime Membership.

2.  Nominees must have two letters of recommendation expressing qualifications from the Voting Membership.

3.  The appointment must be approved by a vote of the Board

4.  Voting Members are responsible to elect the 7 member Board

5.  There will be a maximum of 20 Voting Members plus the Board for a maximum of 27 Voting Members

6.  Term of voting membership is until death, resignation, or by a Board voted dismissal in the event of non-particapation in CCSF.

CCSF Voting Membership Application

Current Voting Members of CCSF are:

Linda A. Bamford

David Clark

Penny Lee Dean

Tom Hecker

Barbara Held

Becky Jackman

Cat Moore

Forrest Nelson

Tina Neill

Paula Selby

Dan Simonelli

Carol Sing

Don Van Cleve

Ashley White

John York