Catalina Channel Swimming Federation

Successful Relay Swims Around Catalina tr> Relay # Team Name Date of Relay Direction Time 1. Triple Team A September 1, 1994 Counterclockwise 26:22:46 Alan Freeman Ed Acevedo John Skoglund David Yudovin Peter Urrea Jack Robertson 2. Triple Team B September 1, 1994 Counterclockwise 26:22:46 Mike Romesser Vince White Steve Frantz Paula Selby Carol Sing…

Successful Solo Swims Around Catalina Swimmer # Name Date of Swim Direction Time 1. Cindy Cleveland August 16, 1978 Counterclockwise 34:24 2. Forrest Nelson July 7, 2011 Clockwise 25:35:08 This list will not be updated until successful swims have been ratified at the end of the year.


The CCSF continues to strive to improve safety in open water swimming.

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