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Catalina Channel Season Concludes with Banquet

Awards Banquet in San Pedro on November 2nd
Swimmers, Observers, Paddlers Are Encouraged to Attend Inspiring Brunch

Invitations to the Annual CCSF Awards Banquet have been delivered to 2013 swimmers. Anyone may attend the banquet brunch: Swimmers, supporters, paddlers, observers, and family. Everyone is encouraged to do so. It’s guaranteed to be an emotional gathering of impressive marathon swimmers.

bridgette hobart profileThe event is always attended by past solo swimmers, and many who have an eye on a future Catalina Channel attempt.

Please join us on the first Saturday in November to celebrate the Class of 2013.

RSVP is required. Purchase tickets and reserve tables for large parties. The banquet room has reached capacity the past couple of banquets… so do not delay in returning your invitation.

Click on photos from last year’s ceremony.


Just a Few of All the Swimmers We’ll Be Celebrating
Nearly 100 Swimmers Made Solo Attempts or Were Members of 2013 Relays
This Catalina Channel swimming season was one of our busiest, with around four-dozen events featuring nearly 100 swimmers including relays.

The Awards Banquet will recognize each swimmer and honor their achievements. Every Catalina crossing is filled with inspiring stories.

kim chambersThe following is just a small fraction of what we witnessed this season:

Fingers crossed that you– and all the 2013 swimmers– will attend the banquet so we can hear first-hand their incredible stories of enduring the challenges in the Catalina Channel. Pictured, Kim Chambers at Terranea

Join Social Swim Between CCSF & SBCSA Banquets
One Refreshing Dip Among Friends at Cabrillo Beach, Afternoon of Nov 2nd

Our colleagues at the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association have coordinated their year-end awards banquet to be in San Pedro following the CCSF ceremony.

In between, we plan to take a social swim at Cabrillo Beach. Weather Permitting.

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