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jaime caballero april 3rd 2012

CCSF News – April 2012

‘Gracias por Estos Momentos tan Emocionantes’

Deadline Approaches for Discount Entry

Swimmers’ CCSF Applications Due Before May 1st

Swim applications are always due at least 60 days in advance of an attempt . In addition, the sanction fee is discounted when the swimmer delivers before May 1st the entire  application package. Page 9 has a helpful checklist including medical certificate, payment of fees, membership dues, signed waivers, swim summary, and ‘plan your swim’. The 2012 deadline for the early entry fee discount is less than 4 weeks away. Afterward, the full fee will be required.



Can’t Spell Caballero without ‘Celebrarlo’

Jaime Caballero, of Spain, Makes Rare April Crossing

jaime caballero april 3rd 2012Yesterday, 36-year-old Jaime Caballero kicked off the 2012 CCSF season with a remarkable Catalina Channel swim. An April crossing is extremely rare, Jaime Caballero at Palos Verdes April 3rd but Jaime was well-prepared for the water temps that hovered around 56-degrees (13C). His accomplishments include Loch Ness, Strait of Gibraltar, Manhattan Island Marathon Swim (MIMS) and English Channel. His crew said Jaime remained strong throughout the swim. Jaime’s final time was 9 hours and 31 minutes (all swims will be ratified at the end of the season, and officially posted in November). This successful Catalina Channel crossing completes Jaime’s quest for the “Triple Crown”, the first by a Spanish swimmer. Congratulations Jaime on a stellar swim, or in the words of accomplished Channel swimmer Nora Teledano “Excelente! Muchisimas felicidades! Ahora a festejar! Abrazos.”





Amy Hiland in 1958 Last April Crossing

Long Beach Swimmer Fed on Baby Food and Warm 7-Up

You’d have to go back to 1958 for the last time a swimmer made a successful crossing in the month April. Back then, Amy Hiland spent 24-hours in the water on her 26-mile trek into Long Beach. Her observer log notes that Amy swam all the way inside the Long Beach Harbor breakwater to reach the warm sand of Long Beach. For Amy’s April crossing, she regularly fed on “Pablum” which was a baby food Pablum baby food was pre-cooked cereal flakesproduct and warm 7-Up. At one point she called out to her crew “I can’t make it”, only to put her head back down and within another 8 hours prove herself wrong. Amy Hiland was part of a Long Beach swimming contingent (in the 1950s) that included legendary Catalina swimmers b, Tom Park, Dr Bill Slater, Daisy Murchie, Stewart Evans, and Joanne Florentine. They’d often support each other during swims and jump in as pacers.

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