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                          2015 Application Deadline 
Deadline Approaches to Receive Discount Sanction Fee
One-month remains before CCSF fees increase to full fare

A friendly reminder to solo and relay swimmers of an approaching deadline. Completed applications received before May 1st qualify for the discount sanction fee. Do not delay.

We prefer to review and file applications well in advance of an attempt — and you save money.

Observer Training Dates in L.A., San Diego, Santa Barbara
The CCSF leads three separate sessions, including one CPR re-certification course

Once again, the CCSF and Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association (Santa Barbara CSA) have partnered to host observer training in Southern California.

  • Los Angeles, May 16, both CPR re-certification and observer course
  • Santa Barbara, May 30 for a morning session of observer training
  • San Diego, June 6, observer training

Valid CPR certification is required of observers. Our review course, with an emphasis on water rescue, is free of charge. Certification extends two years. Please attend if your CPR cert expires in 2015.

Details in the next CCSF newsletter, more info at

PASSINGS: Mourning Two Channel Luminaries

Intl Swimming Hall of Fame member David Yudovin age 63, and John Hill at 79

The Catalina Channel family is mourning two longtime members.

Just last weekend, David Yudovin suffered a heart attack at his home. He was in training for another big swim this summer, as he had done practically every year since crossing the Catalina Channel in 1976. He completed four Catalina crossings by swimming, another on paddleboard, and countless times sailing with his wife, Beth. David was wildly passionate about the ocean, but especially swimming in open water. He will always be remembered for his effervescent heart, infectious smile, and vivid stories of adventures to every corner of the globe– always with cap and goggles in hand.

David pictured in Scotland,  September 2014,  upon induction into the International Swimming Hall of Fame. David entered theInternational Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame in 1999.

Earlier in the year, we learned of John Hill’s passing from prostate cancer. Exactly 30 summers ago, in 1985, John became the oldest person to swim the Catalina Channel (since eclipsed several times). His athletic accomplishments did not end there. John Hill ran over 100 marathons, twice completed the Hawaii Ironman Championship, and raced the 100-mile Western States Endurance Run. And to cap it all off, he summited the highest mountains on three continents: Africa, Europe, and South America. We remember John, among all the decades of support, for lending his legal knowledge during the Federation’s infancy. His expressive language is read by every swimmer and parent who signs the required liability waiver.

David and Beth Yudovin Support City of Hope

Swim Across America relays in Catalina to benefit the cancer institute

David Yudovin had been focusing his energies on several exciting projects, including a fundraiser through Swim Across America.

They are coordinating Catalina Channel relays to benefit City of Hope. The world-renowned cancer institute is a favored charity of the Yudovins. While still in his 30s, David was treated for a rare form of Leukemia.

Consider joining the Swim Across America relay team, for the challenge, the adventure, and to honor David Yudovin. CCSF voting member Dan Simonelli has all the details .

Grace van der Byl Wins 20k Rottnest Island Swim

CCSF record holder and valued volunteer was the fastest female

Last month, Grace van der Byl traveled to Australia to compete in one of the biggest open water swim races. The 2015 Rottnest Island Swim featured around 2400 athletes. Gracie came out on top in the women’s solo division, a mere 24-seconds ahead of Australian Jaime BowlerCongratulations Gracie!

In addition, a few weeks ago, a pair of Catalina Channel swimmers completed the first circumnavigation of Rottnest Island. Ceinwen Roberts (CCSF 2013) and Geoff Wilson (CCSF 2014) were joined byWayne Morris. As a trio they completed the loop around Rotto in 8 hours and 18 minutes. In 2013, Ceinwen achieved the first triple-crossing of Rottnest.

Grace before her record-setting crossing in 2012, and observer Carol Sing.

Pictured  in 2010 David Yudovin training near Catalina Island.
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