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CCSF News – December 2011

Solo Swimmers Honored at Awards Banquet

Cindy Cleveland Recognized for Her 1979 ‘Swim Around Catalina’

davidsclark cindyclevelandThe reviews of the 2011 Catalina Channel Swimming Federation Awards Banquet are unanimous: It was spectacular. The energy in the room was unmistakable, with two dozen former Channel swimmers in attendance to recognize the CCSF Class of 2011. In particular, Cindy Cleveland was honored for her gut-wrenching 34-hour swim around Catalina Island in 1979. Also, the guest speaker Lynne Cox was finally awarded medals for her (pre-CCSF) 1971 crossing and 1974 record-setting (at the time) swim from the Mainland to Catalina in 8:48. Afterward, she regaled the audience with tales of cold water swimming and the stories behind researching her new book “South with The Sun“.



David Clark Presented ‘John B York Award’

Honored for Decades of Service, On & Off the Water, to the CCSF

johnbyork davidsclarkThe highest honor the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation can bestow on a member is the “John B York Award”. It recognizes service which goes above and beyond the ordinary. In the 25th anniversary year of his solo Catalina crossing, and after volunteering for countless Channel crossings, plus serving on the Board of Directors, David Clark was presented with the John B York Award– by none other than John York.

For over a decade, those two were the lone stewards of the Catalina Channel. Their knowledge and historical perspective on the sport has helped propel the CCSF as one of the leading marathon swimming organizations. We value their continued service on the Board.



Pat Gallant-Charette Receives CCSF Honors

Earns Traditional BobbleHead After Establishing New Record

carolsing patgallantcharetteThe inspirational journey of Pat Gallant-Charette, was celebrated at the banquet. She touched our hearts in telling how she got into open water swimming and why she continues to swim in memory of lost family members. She wasn’t the only swimmer to express her appreciation of the Catalina Channel and what an especially beautiful stretch of water we have here

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