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CCSF News – January 2012

CCSF Grateful for Volunteers and Supporters

Our Non-Profit Group Thrives on Generosity and Passions

It cannot be said enough: Thank You. Our community is filled with passionate people willing to make sacrifices for marathon swimmers. The successful 2011 season reflects your strong commitment to the CCSF.

At the end of the year, many people take advantage of tax deductible charity donations. Please consider the 501(c)3 non-profit Catalina Channel Swimming Federation. For example, Lifetime Membership is awarded for a $250 donation. Making a financial gift before the end of the year may reduce your tax liability and benefit future Catalina Channel swimmers.




Accomplishments of CCSF Members in 2011

Swimming Channels, Straits, and Races away from Home

This newsletter strives to keep you informed with the Federation, the successes in the Catalina Channel, and a glimpse of Channel history.

But now that we’re in the final days of the year, let’s reminisce about the success around the world of CCSF Lifetime members, recent Catalina swimmers, and CCSF supporters. Many of them made history in 2011. Please accept our apology in advance, for we have certainly overlooked an incredible swim – but purely by mistake.


Barbara Held = MIMS, Tampa Bay, and Strait of Gibraltar

Michelle Macy = Strait of Gibraltar and Molokai Channel

Tina Neill = Santa Cruz Island and several Hawaiian Channels

Jim Neitz = Anacapa Passage (twice) and English Channel

Forrest Nelson = Molokai Channel

Dan Richards = Manhattan Island Marathon Swim

Scott Richards = Tampa Bay Marathon Swim

Claudia Rose = First to cross Buzzards Bay

David Yudovin = First to cross 3 North Sumatra, Indonesia channels




Kevin Anderson = Tampa Bay Marathon Swim

Jim Barber = 2-way crossing Strait of Gibraltar (male record)

Patti Bauernfeind = First All-Female Relay to Farallon Islands

Cliff Crozier = MIMS (Manhattan Island Marathon Swim)

Pat Gallant-Charette = English Channel

Craig Lenning = First American solo swimmer Irish Channel

Brad McVetta = MIMS

Hendrick Meerman = MIMS

Darren Miller = Tampa Bay and Molokai Channel

Evan Morrison = Tampa Bay, MIMS, and Ederle Swim (record)

Bob Needham = Tampa Bay Marathon Swim

Kent Nicholas = Distance Swim Challenge

Stephen Redmond = First 26-Mile Fastnest Rock (Ireland)

Victoria Rian = Winner of ‘Swim the Suck’ (Tennessee)

Tobey-Anne Saracino = Ederle Swim

Mo Siegel = MIMS and Ederle Swim

Samantha Simon = Molokai Channel




Jim Fitzpatrick = Lake Tahoe (North to South) Crossing

Daniel Fung = Distance Swim Challenge

Tom Hecker = Lake Tahoe Crossing

Lynn Kubasek = All-Female Farallon Relay and Anacapa Passage

Mallory Mead = Won the Swim Around Charleston (South Carolina)

Mike Mitchell = Maui Channel solo

Jen Schumacher = Lake Tahoe Crossing

David Smith = Manhattan Island Marathon Swim

Dave Van Mouwerick = Lake Tahoe Crossing

Cindy Walsh = Tampa Bay Marathon Swim

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