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July 2013 – Fireworks Across the Catalina Channel

   Fireworks Across the Catalina Channel
Early-Season Success in the Channel
Congratulations to Five Solo Swimmers and Six Relay Members

Congratulations go to a first-time channel swimmer (John Walker of SERC), a few veteran marathon swimmers achieving the “Triple Crown” (Lance Ogren, plus Marcy MacDonald and Scott Lautmann swimming tandem), a mixed gender Orange County relay (named As Seen on TV), and a repeat offender (Chris Geer, pictured on the left) who took a little longer route, this time around, to reach Cabrillo Beach.

We’re looking forward to another dozen attempts in the month of July, and making plans for our year-end awards ceremony. All swimmers, supporters, and CCSF volunteers will want to set aside the first weekend of November to attend the annual CCSF banquet.

NOTE: The certified success list of CCSF solo and relay swimmers is updated once a year, at the conclusion of the swimming season.

Second Paddling Course Offered Saturday July 13
David Clark Gives Kayaking Wisdom That Comes with Decades of Experience

Following a successful training day in San Diego, David Clark takes his kayak escort course to the Long Beach area on Saturday July 13th. Do not delay and RSVP to David Clark at 858.453.0648

This free session is an incredible opportunity — for both the athlete and kayaker — to learn skills to navigate, feed, and safely support a marathon swimmer.
John Walker mid-Channel in the mid-morning

South End Rowing Club member John Walker taking care of business last week with the help of an experienced kayak team.

Planning Your Swim & Training in the Final Weeks
CCSF Website is the Swimmer’s Resource Headquarters

The CCSF website is the primary resource for Catalina Channel information including marine weather forecast, buoy temperatures, and preparation steps in the final weeks before an attempt.

Every swimmer is advised to double-check the list to see that they’re properly preparing for a 20-mile cold water Channel crossing which starts in the pitch blackness of midnight. Any Channel swimmer would tell you that it’s much more fun (would you believe exhilarating?) than it sounds…

(Pictured) Lance Ogren celebrates, on the rocks of Terranea Cove, his second most significant day of 2013. Lance and his wife have a baby, which required an early-season swim to get behind him before the delivery and diaper changes. Congratulations Lance.

Summer Reading List
One Book Filled with Inspirations and Beautiful Photography

Toughest Endurance Challenges published 2012The World’s Toughest Endurance Challenges is designed for the athlete who never quits and is always asking “What’s Next?”

Marathon swimmers will recognize several major open water swims as making the list, including the Catalina Channel (on page 115). This glossy book could find its place on the coffee table of a long distance swimmer, or an endurance junkie in search of a spark of inspiration.

We’re proud to announce the Catalina Channel photography featured in this book is provided by CCSF Board Member (and relay swimmer) Paula Selby. She captures the essence of Catalina swimming with every photo.

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