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Important Announcement to 2013 CCSF Swimmers

CCSF Sanction Fees for 2013 Remain Unchanged
CCSF Board Agrees to Keep Sanction Fees Stable for This Season

The Catalina Channel Swimming Federation is pleased to announce our sanction fees for 2013 remain unchanged for solo and relay swimmers. The Board has agreed the Federation ought to absorb the additional expenses for insurance coverage this season to keep the cost low for our athletes.

We acknowledge that many swimmers have been on edge waiting for this announcement. The CCSF Board feels confident we’ve deliberated thoroughly and we thank you for your patience. In addition, swimmers are encouraged to review their personal insurance policies to determine they have peace of mind before entering the Channel.

How should 2013 swimmers proceed?

Congratulations to those few individuals who have already submitted a complete application, but now there is one additional step. Please print and sign the new 2013 Catalina Channel Waiver of Liability. Submit before the early entry deadline expires. The waiver is linked at the CCSF website and labeled “2013 CCSF Waiver.”

Many swimmers have stayed on the sidelines before submitting an application. The CCSF requests that you download the new 2013 swimming application. Many pages have been altered, requiring you to re-start the process. However there’s no need to revisit your physician if the medical portion of your 2013 application is already complete.

Applications delivered to the CCSF by April 30 receive an early-entry discount. Essentially, just 4 weeks remain to get a medical examination, complete the application, and submit the paperwork to the CCSF along with your sanction fee at the early-entry rate.

Swimmers are always welcome to submit applications at full sanction fee starting on May 1, provided the CCSF receives the complete paperwork at least 60 days in advance of your scheduled swim date.

We look forward to seeing you in the Channel very soon!

Announcements for Observers-Supporters Soon
Additional CCSF Newsletter in Early April Will Cover These Topics:

  • Three observer training dates and session locations.
  • Kayak training dates for swimmers and their paddle supporters.
  • Link for international and swimmers traveling long distances to seek assistance in finding support for their swim.
  • Link for supporters and paddlers to submit their contact info.

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