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CCSF Observer Training and Certification

Two Sessions, Dozens of Observers, Many Fresh Faces

A huge thanks to the 28 attendees of the annual CCSF observer training sessions in San Diego May 1st and May 7th in Manhattan Beach. We’re especially excited to see the newcomers who’re dedicated to support 2011 swimmers. It’s not too late to join this growing group of observers. Please contact [8]Paula Selby via email. The CCSF requires observers to be CPR and AED certified, as well as a USMS member.

There’s plenty of opportunity to get out in the Channel to observe &

support attempts. The current tally for the upcoming season is 3 relay teams and 32 solo attempts, with an expectation of more David Clark demonstrating Kayak Throw Bag applicants (any swimmer must submit their [9]application material at least 60 days in advance of their swim).

CCSF Board Members Paula Selby, David Clark, Carol Sing, John York and Don Van Cleve lead the observer training sessions. Two pieces of safety equipment have been introduced for the 2011 season: Rescue Tube and Throw Bag. Both are well-suited to quickly respond to a swimmer or paddler in distress. Also, both professional escort boats (Bottom Scratcher and Outrider) are already equipped with an AED during the CCSF swim season.

We thank our CPR and First Aid trainers (in San Diego) Jeff & Becky

Beeler, and (in Manhattan Beach) Ryan Berry & Angie Bates for conducting this year’s safety sessions.



Kayak Escort Training in SD and LA

David Clark Instructs Techniques in Navigation & Safety

Swimmers are strongly encouraged to recruit kayak support for their solo swims and regularly train with an escort paddler. This year, David Clark (CCSF Lifetime Member) is teaching two paddler’s sessions. His free class is an opportunity to learn skills to navigate, feed, and safety support a marathon swimmer. Instruction will start on land, then progress to the water for swimmers & paddlers to practice their teamwork. David has spent decades supporting Channel swims and perfecting kayak escort.

The first session is June 11th at La Jolla Shores. All the details are

available at the La Jolla Cove Swim Club website. The second session in

Long Beach will be July 9th at Alamitos Bay. Please RSVP to David Clark



Global Open Water Conference in NYC

Steven Munatones Corrals World Renowned Swimmers

The 2011 Global Open Water Swimming Conference will be held in New York City on the weekend of June 17th – 19th. Registration is now available.

This conference includes the induction of the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation into the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame. The CCSF will be represented at this ceremony by Linda Bamford, David Clark, Margaret Clark, Penny Lee Dean, Paula Selby, Carol Sing and John York. Global OWS Conference, June 17-19 The conference is a gathering of renowned marathon swimmers such as Lewis Pugh, Martin Strel, Ram Barkai, Erica Rose, and Shelley Taylor-Smith. It features the “World Open Water Swimming Awards”, where the world record holder Ventura Deep Six relay will be honored, along with Irish (North) Channel swimmer Anne Marie Ward and “Swim Across The Continents” hero Marcos Diaz. Conference participants may also serve as official MIMS observers (please contact [16]NYC Swim directly) on June 18th.



Anne Cleveland Headed to ‘Hall of Fame’

La Jolla Cove Member & CCSF Observer to be Honored

The third day of the weekend is set aside to honor the new class of

the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame. The Catalina Channel Swimming Federation will be honored for their decades of service and safety.

Also to be inducted on June 19th is CCSF Lifetime Member Anne Cleveland. She is the oldest person to Anne Cleveland before a Catalina swim complete the double-crossing of the English Channel (28 hours). Her marathon swimming career began a little more than 10 years ago with her first Catalina Channel attempt. Anne now admits she was “too vain to gain”, meaning she maintained her taut triathlon physique for that swim. After 6 hours, lacking enough natural insulation, she was too numb to continue. It was obvious hypothermia had set in when a crew member asked her to count backward from 10. Anne failed at 7.

Anne is now celebrating the 10th anniversary of her successful Catalina

Channel swim. With a little weight gain in 2001, intense training, additional marathon experience (Maui Channel solo) and incredible determination, she completed the Channel in 10 hours. The next season was the English Channel and soon afterward her historic two-way swim. Within only 5 years, Anne Cleveland progressed from an early finish in Catalina to a double-crossing. One clear indication of why she’s a Hall of Fame swimmer. Congratulations to Anne for a well-deserved honor.

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The CCSF continues to strive to improve safety in open water swimming.

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