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CCSF News – May 2012

Dottie York Scholarship Applications

Safety Training in San Diego Next Weekend

20 Observers Made Los Angeles Safety Training Session

Keep in mind that we’re about a week away from the second CCSF observer training session. Jeff and Becky Jackman-Beeler will host this group, in San Diego, on Saturday May 19th. CPR training starts at 9am, followed by lunch and the observer safety course. If you have not already, please email Becky Jackman-Beeler today, if you will attend. We need an accurate count of attendees so that we don’t run short of training supplies

Observers need to arrive with a copy of their 2012 USMS membership card (or USA Swimming), and they’ll walk away with CPR re-certification, CCSF 2012 membership, and their own copy of the official CCSF Observer Toolkit.


Now Accepting Dottie York Scholarship Apps

Funds Help Marathon Swimmers Afford a Catalina Attempt

For the past few years, the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation has awarded swimmers with the Dottie York Scholarship. When the Federation was founded, Dottie volunteered her time and energy to anyone who swam. She was a friend, a confidant, a second mother to many Southern California swimmers. Her legacy lives on with the Dottie York Scholarship Fund, which may be awarded to any athlete who is committed to open water swimming, a US Resident, and under financial strain.



Kayak Escort Training Coming Next Month

David Clark Has Scheduled Classes in S.D. and Long Beach

We’ve received several inquires about David Clark’s kayak escort training class. Again this year, he has planned two sessions. One at La Jolla Shores on Saturday June 30th and the second in Long Beach on Saturday July 7th. These free classes are an opportunity — for both the athlete and kayaker — to learn skills to navigate, feed, and safety support a marathon swimmer. More details in the next newsletter…



Polar Bear is a Stellar Cold Water Swimmer

Marine Mammal Routinely Swims Up To 100-Miles Non-Stop

Biologists at the United States Geological Survey have tracked the Polar Bears’ activity north of Alaska in the Polar Bears Endure Cold Temps and Long DistancesArctic Ocean. These beautiful animals are able to swim marathon distances in freezing cold water. In fact, the Polar Bear is considered a “marine mammal”. A recent research paper titled “Long-distance swimming by polar bears of the southern Beaufort Sea during years of extensive open water” reveals that these animals commonly swim 100-miles at a time. One Polar Bear swam for 10 straight days covering over 200 miles. To put this in perspective, she swam a Catalina Channel non-stop every 24-hours (self-navigating without artificial aids or goggles).



Flashback: Pete Huisveld is Fastest Male

1992 Record-Breaking Crossing, Which Started on Mainland

At last year’s annual banquet, Pete Huisveld was among the special guests in attendance. He still holds the record as the fastest male crossing of the Catalina Channel (7 hours and 37 minutes). Back in 1992, he wa s in training with the goal of joining the United States Long Distance Team. He competed in 1994 at the FINA World Championships, at the remarkable age of 42. His record-setting Catalina swim was after his 40th birthday. The observer’s log recorded that Pete kept a stroke rate in the high 70s, despite a windy night. As the story goes, he would’ve likely been significantly faster had the conditions been perfect. Instead, Pete persevered — due to superior training — in lumpy & bumpy seas.

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