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CCSF News – October 2011

Banquet at San Pedro DoubleTree, Plus a Social Ocean Dip

We look forward to spending time with you (out of the water) at the CCSF Annual Banquet on Saturday, November 5th. Last chance to reserve your seats. Not only is brunch served, but so will be a whole lot of medals to this year’s crop of remarkable athletes. All 2011 swimmers are encouraged to attend so that we can honor your achievements. Please bring your proud support crews– from on & off the water. The ceremony is filled with family members, kayakers, volunteers, and Catalina Channel swimmers: Past, present and future.

(Plans are in the works for an informal dip in the ocean on the day of the banquet. Stay tuned…)

Later that day, the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association is hosting their 2011 awards ceremony. We’ve arranged to have these events in close proximity, believing a good number of people will want to attend both.


Paula Selby Collecting Pics from Swimmers

Email ~15 Photos of Your Crossing for Media Presentation

Swimmers, please take a moment to send Paula Selby your favorite photos from your crossing (label each of your digital pics so it identifies the swimmer and date). Paula’s annual presentation provides the banquet attendees a glimpse into every memorable 2011 Catalina swim.  Paula produces an excellent presentation so the banquet audience gets to experience each swim.


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