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Year-End Wrap of 2010 CCSF Season

Int’l Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame
CCSF Recognized as Honoree Club & Organization
For 30 years the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation has served the open water community. In January of 1981, Penny Lee Dean was elected as the first President and the Rules & Regulations was ratified. Over these three decades, the CCSF has documented hundreds of swims while maintaining a high degree of safety. The International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame has selected the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation as an Honoree Club & Organization. We’re thrilled by the honor.

Also selected for IMSHOF induction is La Jolla Cove swimmer Anne Cleveland, who’s a Lifetime Member of CCSF. She’s spent countless hours on escort boats supporting swimmers and acting as an official observer. Anne first crossed the Catalina Channel 10 years ago. She holds the English Channel record as the oldest person (at age 48) to make a 2-way crossing. We’re especially proud of Anne’s accomplishments and look forward to the induction ceremony in 2011.

Cabrillo ‘Polar Bear’ Swim on January 1st
Annual New Year’s Day Event to Honor Ray Falk
A small group of individuals was instrumental in founding the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation. Sadly, we lost Ray Falk to cancer in the spring of 2010. Not only was he a huge supporter of the CCSF, but he still holds Catalina relay records.
Ray was the longtime President of the Cabrillo Beach ‘Polar Bears’. He’s fondly remembered as always leading the charge down the beach toward the cold water for the annual New Year’s Day community dip in San Pedro.
Polar Bears President Kim White announced that Ray Falk will be honored this year, Saturday morning January 1st at 11:30.

CCSF Logo Gifts and Apparel
Cafe Press is One-Stop Shopping for Swimmers
On display at the annual banquet last month was lots of gear, apparel and swag with the CCSF logo. All of it’s available via online shopping at Cafe Press.

Escort Pilots Securing 2011 Swim Dates
Contract and Deposit to Your Boat Captain
Swimmers making plans for 2011 Catalina attempts can contact experienced boat captains Greg Elliott and John Pittman. It’s possible 2011 could be even busier than this past season, so be sure to act quickly. Forward this newsletter to your friends and teammates who’re contemplating a Catalina crossing.

Looking Back at the Records from 2010
4 New CCSF Records Established
Congratulations to Barbara Held, who became the oldest woman to cross the Catalina Channel at age 56 (The oldest male is Bob West, who was 62 at the time of his crossing).
Also, 6 women all in their 50s dubbed the “Mighty Mermaids” crushed the relay record for that age-group.

Among the men, Jason Lassen broke the oldest record on the books. He swam the Catalina Channel from start-to-finish breaststroke in 15 hours and 59 minutes. Back in 1927, the original Catalina breaststroker Henry Sullivan swam it in 22 hours and 45 minutes.
In mid-August, Forrest Nelson became the first male to make a two-way crossing starting and finishing at Catalina Island.

Male & Female ‘Top 20’ Fastest Finishes
4 Women and 2 Men Earned Rankings

Hank Wise (8:07)
Mallory Mead (8:36)
Victoria Rian, Jim Barber (8:43 tandem)
Sarah Thomas (9:06)
Samantha Simon (9:22)

Notable Swims Outside Catalina Channel
In 2010, CCSF Members Left a Worldwide Wake
Here’s a highlight of the incredible accomplishments made by CCSF members (and recent CCSF swimmers) away from the Catalina Channel. We hope a swim didn’t escape our attention.
Anacapa Passage:  Dave Van Mouwerik made the crossing under the fine guidance of the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association
Ederle Swim:  Nancy Steadman-Martin, Liz Fry & David Barra
Manhattan Island Marathon Swim:  Samantha Simon, Jen Schumacher, Sakura Hingley, Kathrin Raymond, Stephen Junk, Jeffrey Cleveland, Craig Lenning and David Barra
Tampa Bay Marathon Swim:  Craig Lenning and David Barra
English Channel:  Dave Barra, David Livengood & Dan Richards
Jersey Island Circumnavigation:  Nick Adams made the record-setting swim in 9 hours and 51 minutes
Strait of Gibraltar:  Vito Bialla, Chris Palfrey, and Penny Palfrey broke the women’s record in 3 hours and 3 minutes
Strait of Gibraltar Double-Crossing:  Penny Palfrey established a women’s record for the 2-way in 8 hours and 27 minutes
Cook Strait:  Michelle Macy
Rottnest Island Channel:  Stephen Junk and Penny & Chris Palfrey competed in Australia’s annual 20-kilometer race
Maui Channel:  Barbara Held and David Barra
Molokai Channel:  Chris Palfrey established a new record, making the 26-mile crossing in under 13 hours
Kaulakahi Channel:  Jen Schumacher swam from the Hawaiian Island of Kauai to Niihau along with Bill Goding, Quinn Carver and Brian Denaro
Boston Lighthouse Roundtrip:  Greg O’Connor started at L Street Bathhouse swam to Little Brewster Island & returned home
Charleston SC Peninsula:  Kathleen Wilson established the first known swim around the South Carolina port city
Mackinac Island Circumnavigation:  Mallory Mead and Erica Rose shared this Lake Michigan swim
Clarence Strait:  Michelle Macy made the first ever 14-mile crossing in early July with Alaskan water temps hovering around 50 degrees
Madeira Islands:  David Yudovin became the first to swim from Madeira to Deserta Grande in this Portuguese Archipelago. The islands are world famous for their spectacular fireworks display on New Year’s Eve… wish we were there right now…
Finally, a very special thank you to the Catalina Channel observers, paddlers and supporters. You are invaluable to every marathon swim. Best wishes for a Happy New Year and great success in, on & out of the water.

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The CCSF continues to strive to improve safety in open water swimming.

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