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Pre-Season CCSF Application Reminders

2011 Application Package is Now Online
CCSF Website has Updated Forms
Application forms for the 2011 season are now available at the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation homepage. The CCSF is pleased to announce that fees for one-way crossings are unchanged, for relay and solo swims.

Plus, an “early entry” discount is available for swimmers who mail (fax) the 2011 package before May 1st. Plenty of opportunity — approximately 11 weeks — to take advantage of these reduced sanction fees. Early discounts will be considered only for swimmers who’ve filed all the forms. We’ve added a checklist to help swimmers with the application. The CCSF will never process an incomplete package.

Safety Training Sessions in May
CPR and First Aid Classes for San Diego & Los Angeles
The CCSF prides itself on the safety we provide swimmers, and the training given to official observers and paddlers. The CCSF will set aside two dates, yet to be announced, in the month of May for safety training. One session to be hosted in San Diego and the other in Los Angeles.

In advance of these sessions, Paula Selby would like to hear from veteran volunteers about their interest in 2011 observing and paddling. Or if you’re just getting interested in supporting CCSF swims, now would be a great time to tell Paula in what capacity you want to help.

Escort Pilots Securing 2011 Swim Dates
Catalina is More Popular Than Ever as a Swim Destination
Swimmers making plans for 2011 Catalina attempts can contact Greg Elliott and John Pittman. It’s very possible the 2011 season could be the busiest yet. So be sure to act quickly by securing a date with a boat pilot.

John York on the Mend Following Surgery
His Heart has Always Been in the Catalina Channel
A health update on CCSF Vice-President John York, who is resting at home from his surgery. John sends his warm thanks for all the prayers, cards, and flowers he received. John is looking forward to observing and supporting another season. He’s been on (and in) the Channel since before the CCSF was founded.

Flashback: Marineland from 1954-1987
California’s First Major Theme Park & Largest Aquarium
Marineland, the world’s largest ocean aquarium, once dominated the Palos Verdes landscape overlooking the Catalina Channel. It was home to dolphins, seals, sharks and Orcas until SeaWorld moved the operation to San Diego. The Terranea Resort now sits at this location. The pier, seen below, is at the same beach where Outrider navigates Catalina Channel swimmers to finish.
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The CCSF continues to strive to improve safety in open water swimming.

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