Catalina Channel Swimming Federation
Six More Weeks of Winter?
2014 Swimming Application Ready for Download 
Sanction Fees Remain Unchanged, Plus Discount for Early Birds

The CCSF 2014 swimming application has been reformatted.

It is now posted for swimmers to download. There are two types of applications, one for solo swimmers and another for relay teams.

Sanction fees hold steady, including a discount for swimmers who apply before May 1.

Though, for your own peace of mind, get started today!  The CCSF offers guidance in the application process, yet many of your questions are probably addressed within two items of recommended reading:

Basic Swim Info describes the steps to take before jumping into the Catalina Channel. e.g. Charter your escort boat, get a medical physical, recruit your support team, gathering gear specific for a marathon swim which starts around midnight.

Challenges of Catalina Channel highlights the difficulty swimmers should expect to face during a 20-mile cold water marathon swim, with some peculiarities to the Catalina experience.

Incredible Overhead View of 70-Foot Fin Whale
Drone Cameras Observe Majestic Beast Swimming the Catalina Channel 

Another cool video — this one briefly captures a 70-foot fin whale in the Catalina Channel. This winter has offered a spectacular display in the Channel of majestic creatures great and small. This guy is well-insulated for a cold water Channel…

The overhead view provides a glimpse of the crystal clear Channel water. 

Monthly Newsletter Updates Swimmers & Observers
Expect CCSF Newsletters to Arrive Semi-Regularly with Vital Info and Dates

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The CCSF continues to strive to improve safety in open water swimming.

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