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Catalina Channel Banquet is Saturday, November 1st
Two Clinics — Escorting an Open Water Swimmer 
David Clark Offers Kayaking Wisdom That Comes with Decades of Experience 

Training for a Catalina crossing is not only spending hours in the water. It demands multiple sessions at night, as well as practicing with your kayak supporters.

To that end, David Clark is offering two courses in kayak escort. These free sessions are an opportunity — for both the athlete and kayaker — to practice skills in navigation, feeding, and safety support of a marathon swimmer.

  • Long Beach area on Saturday July 12th
  • La Jolla Shores on Saturday July 19th

Do not delay and RSVP to David Clark at 858.453.0648

David will provide exact meeting location and start time for these invaluable sessions

CCSF swimmer and official observer Peter Hayden at the dawn, mid-Channel with kayak support.

Peter was one of three-dozen observers to attend 2014 training in partnership with the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association. Earlier this year, the CCSF conducted triple training sessions with NYC Swim in preparation for the race around Manhattan Island.

Congratulations to CCSF swimmer, official observer, and Catalina record-holder Gracie Van Der Byl in winning MIMS 2014!

Planning Your Swim & Training in the Final Weeks
CCSF Website is the Relay and Solo Swimmer’s Resource HeadquartersThe CCSF website is the primary resource for Catalina Channel information including marine weather forecast, buoy temperatures, and preparatory steps in the final weeks before an attempt.Every swimmer is advised to double-check the list to see that they’re properly preparing for a 20-mile cold water Channel crossing which starts in the pitch blackness of midnight.

Countless swimmers have expressed astonishment at how dark it can get at Catalina– and how spooked they felt.

Speedy Crossing, Auspicious Start to 2014 Season 
Colorado Swimmer Danielle Wahl Earns Automatic Invite to Awards Banquet

The 2014 season is underway.

Last week, under the navigation of Bottom ScratcherDanielle Wahldeparted Doctor’s Cove under a full moon and reached the shoreline near Point Vicente after 8 hours and 19 minutes! Wowza!

Last year, Danielle completed the English Channel. She’s not the only one in her family to catch the Channel bug. Two Wahl brothers are training for marathon swims.

Danielle, and each 2014 Catalina swimmer, will be recognized at the Annual CCSF Awards Banquet on Saturday, November 1st. We hope Danielle and her family can return to Southern California to receive her CCSF medallion and certificate.


NOTE: The certified success list of CCSF solo and relay swimmers is updated once a year, at the conclusion of the swimming season.

Recent pub celebrations in Ireland with three solo Catalina swimmers from 2012: “Fast Eddie” Irwin, Gabor Molnar and ringleader Ned Denison. They posed in descending order of final time, making “Fast Eddie” (9 hrs 39 min) the slow-poke among this speedy trio.

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The CCSF continues to strive to improve safety in open water swimming.

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