Catalina Channel Swimming Federation

Safety Training Sessions on May 1st & 7th
CPR and First Aid: Please email Paula Selby to inform her which session —
San Diego & Los Angeles — you’ll attend
The strength of the CCSF comes from the commitment of the members. Thanks to
all of you for your remarkable efforts during a busy 2010 swimming season. The
good news? The Catalina Channel remains extremely popular. It appears that
about 40 swimmers will make attempts between early July and November.

In addition, the CCSF is strengthening our safety measures. The upcoming
Observer Training will focus on the fundamentals, as well as several
alterations in the rules, and additions to on-board safety equipment. This
season, the CCSF will supply an AED, a lifeguard rescue tube, and kayak throw

You are invited to two observer training sessions in Southern California which
are planned for early May: In San Diego on Sunday May 1st at the home of Carol
Sing. Also, John York hosts the Los Angeles session on Saturday May 7th.

You’ll need to bring a copy of your USMS membership card (and/or USA
Swimming card). You’ll walk away with the CCSF Observer Tool Kit, CCSF 2011
membership & CPR certification
* RSVP to Paula Selby which session you’ll attend (unless she’s already
received your response, in that case thanks)
* 9 am start for the CPR-First Aid-AED session
* After lunch will be the CCSF observer course (until 4pm)
* New safety procedures and CCSF rules will be discussed
* Bring your calendar to schedule dates you can observe. Upon your first CCSF
observation, the expense of CPR certification can be reimbursed, along with
your observer expenses such as fuel, food, and lodging

It’s important we have a headcount before each event to ensure we have enough
first aid training equipment and observer supplies. Paula Selby appreciates
your timely RSVP.

Thank you. We look forward to the CCSF swimming season and another safe summer
in the Catalina Channel.

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The CCSF continues to strive to improve safety in open water swimming.

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