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Planning for 2009 CCSF Banquet Celebration


The Catalina Channel Swimming Federation has three more swimmers to honor at the annual banquet on Saturday, November 7th. Lynn Kubasek (pictured) has made the crossing many times before as a kayaker, observer and cheerleader. Lynn’s trademark smile may have dimmed during her 15-hour and 53-minute swim, but she quickly bounced back to her regular, cheerful personality. Jeffrey Cleveland swam under clear skies in a time of 9 hours and 32 minutes. More than once, during feeds, he paused to remark how the constellations looked spectacular. Chris Palfrey was escorted across the Catalina Channel by dolphins, squid, a blue whale near Palos Verdes and, at the very end, two curious cormorants. His final time was 10 hours and 30 minutes. With the help of a complete stranger at the Terranea beach, Chris took back to the boat a souvenir rock the size of a dinner plate. That’s one less boulder for the Catalina Channel swimmers to climb as they scramble for dry land.

Your RSVP to the CCSF Annual Banquet Brunch is due by Monday, October 26th. The CCSF will recognize all the successful 2009 swims. Each solo and relay swimmer will receive a certificate and medallion. We hope that you can join us in celebrating their accomplishments. The banquet is open to swimmers, family and Catalina Channel supporters. A couple of swimmers receiving a medal this year were in attendance last year. Not only did they gain inspiration at the banquet to make a Channel attempt, but they also met future training partners. For 2009 swimmers who cannot attend on Saturday November 7th, the CCSF will ship your certificate and Catalina Channel medal. Please send your request to Carol Sing. Her email and mailing address are listed below.

Swimmers can order Catalina Channel swag at Café Press. It’s one fashionable way to outfit your support crew. Visit There’s a selection of hats, tanks, shirts and hoodies with the CCSF logo. Plus, 2010 calendars.

A special word on the world’s first solo swim from Santa Barbara Island to the mainland. Penny Palfrey (pictured) of Australia enjoyed unusually favorable conditions for most of her passage. Throughout, she kept a quick pace and stroke rate approaching 80 per minute. Her final time for the 40-mile swim was 17 hours and 53 minutes (faster than the two previous relays to make this swim). Though this event falls outside the mission of the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation, several members were onboard Penny’s escort boat “Outrider” to assist and observe her one-of-a-kind swim. We took great pleasure in watching such an extraordinary accomplishment. Congratulations Penny! Good on ya!
IMPORTANT CCSF CONTACTS: Swimmers apply by writing
Treasurer Carol Sing: and 11487 Oralane Drive, El Cajon CA 92020
The Catalina Channel Swimming Federation Fax line is 866.910.3285
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